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Three score years and ten

Eastside Community Heritage celebrates 70 years of the NHS in London's East End. This oral history project explores the legacy of Harold Wood Hospital, a former hospital in Havering (1909 - 2006), through the oral histories of staff and service users.  It also documents a wealth of stories from London's former and current health care professionals. Through these stories we hope to trace the history of the NHS through the people who were, and still are, so integral to its formation, growth and heritage over the last 70 years.

Harold Wood Hospital 4_o
Harold Wood Hospital 3_o

"I really enjoyed working for the NHS, you

felt you were actually helping people and

giving something back to society." - Janice Oliver

“I’m really proud to work in the NHS. I’m

really proud to be a nurse and I love what I

do, but it’s going to go if we’re not careful.” - Lynda McNab

“I started training when I was 18…I had this yearn to be a nurse. I waited so long to start; I was really, really looking forward to it." - Geraldine Whitehead

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