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About the Project

'30 Years of Living with HIV' is an oral history project from Positive East and Eastside Community Heritage looking at the impact of the HIV prevention campaign of the 1980’s by all those involved, including those who were not expected to survive. During the project 20 people were interviewed and their testimonies were used to inform the creation of an exhibition and documentary film. On this website you can view both of these as well as listen to a selection of audio recordings from the interviews. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

About Positive East

Positive East is London’s largest HIV charity and is based in the heart of the East End. Every year we give advice and support to more than 35,000 people who come to us knowing they’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome. We have successfully provided a range of practical and emotional support services for people living with and affected by HIV in London for 25 years. We don’t want anyone else to be infected by the virus so run the most extensive prevention and testing programme in the capital.

About Eastside Community Heritage

Eastside Community Heritage seeks to build, service and enable partnerships which record, document and preserve the experiences of different communities, through the provision of social, cultural, educational and historical activities. Our methodology incorporates education and training, with schools, families and adult learners. Eastside produces exhibitions, publications and multi media stimuli which are an opportunity for all cultures and age ranges to engage in a proactive discovery of their own and their community’s history, culture and heritage. 

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