About the project

About Eastside Community Heritage

Eastside Community Heritage seeks to build, service and enable partnerships which record, document and preserve the experiences of different communities, through the provision of social, cultural, educational and historical activities. Our methodology incorporates education and training, with schools, families and adult learners. Eastside produces exhibitions, publications and multi media which are an opportunity for all cultures and age ranges to engage in a proactive discovery of their own and their community’s history, culture and heritage. 

‘Folk of Forest Gate’ was a local history project run by Eastside Community Heritage through 2017. The project sought to collect the stories and memories of Forest Gate residents about leisure opportunities in the area, whether they had lived in Newham for a long time, a short time, or had since moved away. Discovering how people have spent their free time differently since the Second World War provided a great insight into the various communities that have passed through Forest Gate, what jobs people have done, how they have lived, and where they have socialised. The project gathered some great memories of pubs, clubs, cinemas, shops, galleries, parks, snooker halls, and the old skating rink. 

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Disclaimer Notice and Take Down Policy

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on our website for which you have not given permission, or which is not covered by a limitation or exception in national law, please contact us in writing stating the following:

1. Your contact details.
2. The full bibliographic details of the material.
3. The exact and full URL where you found the material.

It will then be removed as soon as possible.

ECH can be contacted at office@ech.org.uk, or on 0208 5533116

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