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Music, Tea & Dance: Reminiscence & Movement

for Older People & People with Dementia

A project by Eastside Community Heritage - Funded by City Bridge Trust

In 2015, we were granted funding by City Bridge Trust to work with isolated elders in Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering.  We identified the boroughs due to their large population of elders but equal lack of engagement services. Split over two years, our Investing in Londoners project ‘Music, Tea and Dance’ sought to combat isolation and bring together communities over shared experiences of music, dance and leisure.  


 Over 2 years, we worked with:

  • over 20 individual groups

  • over 1,200 service users

  • over 40 health care professionals

Upon evaluating our project, we found that across all three boroughs: 


  • 86% of participants noted a significant, positive difference to their health and well-being

  • 83% of participants felt more engaged with others and actively participated in the sessions

  • 88% of participants noted a positive difference to their mental well-being and feelings of isolation

  • 100% of participants would like to see more of these events. 


Sitting and chatting to each other was brilliant. I found out so much about everyone and where

they had come from and what they used to get up to.” – Male Participant, LBBD, Age 69

I loved the music and the dance, it made me feel young all over again. It was all the music

that I used to listen to years ago.” – Female Participant, LBR, Age 73

“The pictures were wonderful. I would like to do these kinds of things more often, they are always

so much fun. When are you coming back?” – Male participant, LBR, age 76

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