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Songs of Protest

Songs of Protest was created by Eastside Community Heritage and in partnership with Newham Woodcraft Folk. The songs included in this book were inspired by learning about the No M11 Link Road Campaign. The songs and pictures included document resistance and struggle that have been sung in defiance at the sites of protest throughout history.

Below is Songs of Protest in PDF format.

Songs of Protest

'Lock Ourselves Here for a While' by Robin Grey was directly inspired from  the oral histories collected on the project. Listen to the track below and open the PDF to sing the lyrics.

Lock Ourselves Here for a While - Robin Grey
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Lock Ourselves Here for a While

By Robin Grey

''No we ain't going nowhere, let's climb up the trees

Someone must stick up for the birds and the bees

The poor have no lawyers, the fields have no rights

Let’s lock ourselves here for a while''

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