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Women's Football and the Home Front showcases the evolution of women's football in relation to political and cultural progress in society. In collaboration with East End Women's Museum. 

We're Not Finished! focuses on the lives of working women in the East End and their fight for equality in the workplace. The women of East London continue to campaign for their rights so that their calls for societal change will be heard. 

The A-Z of East London's Women Inventors celebrates the ground-breaking innovations of four women from East London who changed the way we eat, dress, love and find our way home forever.

Appliance of Science tells the story of women in East London and the impact of the World Wars and modern domestic technology on the role of women both as homemakers and keepers, and as women in the working world.

Eastside Community Heritage

Women's History Projects

This website combines all of our projects on Women's History including the exhibitions Women's Football and the Home Front, Appliance of Science, We're Not Finished! and The A-Z of East London's Women Inventors. This site also features podcasts, photo galleries, and audio recordings relevant to our projects  and reveal the hidden histories of ordinary and extraordinary women in London. 

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